Hipsit - the ultimate child carrier

The hipsit has been a revolutionary invention to prevent back pain of women who carry their children to often in a wrong position. It is scientifically recognized that carrying your child on the hip has a negative effect on the spine which will inevitably lead to long term pain in the lower back. The hipsit is the solution which is created to make your life easier. By balancing out the weight of your child, your spine and lower back will be relieved as much as possible. Using a hip-carrier is the ultimate preventive measure against back pain. 

Hipsit features:

  • Made on demand - especially for your needs

  • A stabilizing belt provides relief when carrying a child up to 20kg

  • Body weight of the child is distributed evenly over the body of the person carrying it

  • Prevents acute tension and inflammation by counteracting misalignments

  • Relieves strain on the wrist, neck and shoulders

  • Convenient handling

  • Stylishly designed and high-quality processes

  • With integrated pocket for storage space

  • It folds up and is easy to stow away
  • Our hipsit is made only on demand especially for you. 

    Get it now and experience the change.

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