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The phone case necklace is the perfect accessory, created to tailor your needs and free your mind. Designed in Berlin, made in Australia. 

The phone case necklace MODEL N°01 BLACK SILVER is the ultimate eye catcherThe combination of functionality, comfort and design is one of a kind - same as you. Wear it with an attitude, make it your choice, belong to the generation of game changers, rule breakers and style makers.

Cicerly phone case necklace black adjustable rope crossbody strap

The phone case necklace MODEL N°1 BLACK SILVER is one of the old time favorites. It basically fits to every color and pattern - from pastel to check patterns, it blends in with every style. You want to show off, then make it your accessory-highlight.

The rope pendant of the phone case necklace is easily adjustable in size, so that you can wear it either around your neck, over your shoulder or however it feels good. The cord is connected to a transparent silicon hardcover case, which provides solid protection to the outer shell of your phone. Dive into a handsfree, carefree lifestyle.

Phone case necklace features:

  • The rope is high quality rope made in Amsterdam
  • The rope pendant is adjustable in size and made of braided PPM plastic
  • PPM is made from polypropylene multifilament fibre
  • Polypropylene does not absorb moisture which makes the rope weather and dirt resistant 
  • PPM rope pendant is lightweight and feels smooth
  • Non-toxic, safe for humans (OEKO-TEX®)
  • Rope pendant is attached to a silicon smartphone protection hard case
  • Wearing the necklace case will not infect the functionality of your smartphone, it will only make your life easier

Cicerly was created to help you live your life, your style, your way.

Unique. Authentic. Inspiring. Cicerly is made for you. 

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